Free UCAS Application Support

Submit Your UCAS Application Through Topcourses®

As an official UCAS centre, Topcourses® will provide you with free, independent advice on how to submit a high quality UCAS application. There are only five university choices available to students when filling in the application form, as well as over 60,000 courses at nearly 400 different institutions, meaning it is vital you understand the UCAS application process fully and choose the right institutions to apply to.

Topcourses® are financially funded by UK institutions. By linking your UCAS application to Topcourses®, you will receive full application support from our expert education consulting team, free of charge.

Contact Topcourses® today to create a new UCAS account or to link your UCAS application to Topcourses®.

You can follow these simple steps to link your application to Topcourses®:

  • Register on the UCAS website to be provided with a username and password.
  • Click ‘Link your application to your school, college or organisation’ and enter the buzzword ‘Topcourses®’ when asked ‘How are you applying?’
  • Verify your email address and ensure your details are correct.
  • Contact Topcourses® to begin your application.

Use UCAS Buzzword: Topcourses