Standard Application Service


Applying to a UK university can be time-consuming and challenging for an international student. That is why Topcourses® has created the Standard Application Service, where we do the hard work for you. From completing your application forms to professionally editing your personal statement, your dedicated consultant will make sure that your application is the best it can be. Once your application is submitted and tracked by ourselves, we will guarantee you at least one offer from a UK university or you will receive your money back!

Our Process

1. Private consultation

We will discuss your academic ambitions and advise you on choosing right university and subjects.

2. Creation of your application

We will professionally complete your application forms, review your essays and assist in selecting your best work to ensure admissions officers are impressed.

3. Personal statement

Your personal statement is crucial in determining whether an interview will be secured. We will review and edit your personal statement, ensuring it stands out from other applicants.

4. Application submission and tracking

Which university should I apply to? How should I choose between Oxford and Cambridge? What subject you want to study and what sort of person you are make a big difference to which college you should apply to. By getting to know you – and already knowing the colleges – we can make the perfect match for your future.

5. Guaranteed offer

Our educational consultants are so highly experienced in guiding the student in choosing the right study options that we offer money back guarantee that we will get at least one offer from the universities applied.

How we can help with your application

If you wish to learn more about our complete application service, arrange your free consultation today.