Top University Admissions


Applying to Top UK universities is a more complicated process than many other UK universities, with the additional challenges of interviews and admissions tests. Understanding how to improve your chances of getting into those universities requires both a thorough understanding of the admissions process, and a strategy for preparation that will help you put your best foot forward at every stage.

Our Top university specialists are Oxford and Cambridge graduates who have helped hundreds of students join the world’s best universities and know what it takes to make a strong application. Whether you wish to study at undergraduate or postgraduate level, our Oxbridge experts will ensure you are ready.

Oxbridge/Top Universities

University of Oxford

University College London

University of Cambridge

Imperial College London

London School of Economics

CASS Business School, University of London

London Business School

King’s College London

Our Process

1. Private consultation

We will discuss your academic ambitions and decide if you are eligible to apply. At the consultation session, you can also ask questions such as:

  • How do I compare to others in my position? Am I as good as other students applying?
  • Which specific degree would suit me? How would different course choices affect my chances of success?
  • How can I draft a UCAS form and Personal Statement that appeals to top university Admissions Tutors?
  • How can I prepare for the entry tests?

2. Creation of your application

We will professionally complete your application forms, review your essays and assist in selecting your best work to ensure admissions officers are impressed.

3. Personal statement

Your personal statement is crucial in determining whether an interview will be secured. We will review and edit your personal statement, ensuring it stands out from other applicants.

4. College/University selection

Which university should I apply to? How should I choose between Oxford and Cambridge? What subject you want to study and what sort of person you are make a big difference to which college you should apply to. By getting to know you – and already knowing the colleges – we can make the perfect match for your future.

5. Interview practice

In a one-to-one interview environment, we will assess a student’s communication, subject-knowledge and potential to study their subject at university using real past interview questions. After the interview is complete we will give you detailed feedback on your performance.

How we can help with your application

If you wish to learn more about our Oxbridge/G5 university applications, arrange your free consultation today.